The successful implementation of systems like Oracle Retails (Retek) planning and forecasting solutions requires a unique combination of skills. Skills that bring together a detailed understanding of the package being implemented, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the retail business and sound project management experience. Not surprisingly this combination is something that most retailers struggle to find within their own organisation, and do not have a permanent need for in-house. That is where JWC comes in. We are able to offer all the experience you need to succeed through a range of available services that include:

  • Full project life-cycle management of retail planning and forecasting solutions.

  • Solution design. Through a combination of detailed business analysis and deep domain knowledge, JWC can work with the business to design a solution that will best meet your company´s needs. Whether this is a merchandise planning solution, a supply chain forecasting package or space optimisation software, we can provide the skills and experience that will take the risk out of your project.

  • Business Process Design. Most planning and forecasting implementations require a degree of process modification in order to be fully integrated into the business. At JWC we have extensive experience in analysing and designing processes within the planning, forecasting and replenishment arena.

  • Forecast Optimisation. Forecasting packages like Oracle´s Retail Demand Forecasting are not simple "plug-and-play" solutions. To drive the benefit you require it is essential to "fine tune" the many mathematical parameters within the system. Forecast optimisation requires a deep knowledge of how multiple algorithms work in relation to your data.

  • Assistance with training and knowledge transfer. With any new system comes the requirement for new skills. JWC can work with in-house training departments or external training resources to help you develop the courses you require to make the implementation a success.